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Tactical Fighting Force

The “ER Experience” is to win the game as a result of military training, collective strategic understanding and playing for the team. This allows you to experience the game in a unique way, immersing you in our world, infantry working with air, heavy armour and naval, in pursuit of a common objective - having as much fun as we can, whilst making new friends along the way.

Elite Rebellion is focused around flexibility, freedom and choice. It is up to you to participate in training or not, to take a leadership role or not, to join one or multiple divisions. We listen to you and work with you, to give you the best gaming experience possible.

We have a natural, organic, self-sustaining and self-replicating clan structure/ranking system. By having this, we can distribute responsibilities equally, without them seeming like a job or taking up time but instead maintaining the element of fun.

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