Elite Rebellion


Tactical Fighting Force

1. Meet these Requirements:

You are aged 18+.

You are on PC.

You have Teamspeak 3.

You have a microphone.

You speak fluent English.

You are interested in working as a team.

You are open to learning and sharing knowledge.

You have read and you agree with our Clan Rules.

Once you become a Member, you will actively participate in playing with the clan and Teamspeak 3.

2. Join our Teamspeak channel.


3. Wait in “Recruitment Lobby - BF4”.

A Recruitment Officer will join your channel to have a chat then bring you into a game that is currently playing. You will have the permission to “Poke” a Recruitment Officer if there is one online and hasn’t joined your channel yet.

4. Play with us.

Once you've done all of the above, you will have "New Recruit" next to your name in teamspeak. This means that you are on a trial period, so that we can evaluate if you are right for our team and it gives you time to see if we are right for you.